Monday, November 26, 2012

Who is wearing the crown in your life?

Yesterday was Christ the King Sunday in the Catholic Church. On this day we recognize the Lordship of Jesus over the universe, the world, the nations and the Church. Indeed, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, Jesus Christ is king. If we as nation or church think we can we can bring about truly positive change, to make real strides in our world, or to "win" the battle over evil without Jesus we are as St Paul says "the most pitiable of people" (1Cor 15:19).
The fact, though, is this: Jesus Christ cannot be Lord of nation and Church unless he is first Lord of our lives. There is a Christian author who has observed that our culture is filled with what he calls "Christan atheists". These are people who go to Church on Sunday but then live the rest of their lives like God does not exist. If this describes you, then Jesus is not Lord and King for you.
I lived a portion of my live in this "mode". I thought if I just showed up at Church once a week I was "fulfilling my duty". What a crock. A little over 20 years ago my own hypocrisy was pointed out to me. Since then, I have slowly allowed Jesus Christ to become Lord of my time, my career, my family, my marriage and my money. My fear when starting this process was that I would end up with less of all of these things since I was giving them up to God. The fact is I have more time, a better job, a great family, more true friends, a better marriage and more money then I have ever had.
I invite you TODAY, to the best of your ability, to ask Jesus Christ to be Lord of all aspects of your life. You do this by praying for family, spouse, coworkers, and boss. You do this by praying before deciding what to do with your time, your talent and your money. Try this between now and Christmas Day. Make this an Advent devotion and journey and see what God can do with your life that you have never been able to do on your own.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Why won't you talk to ME?...

I just watched a CNS video posted on the Deacon's Bench blog about communications in our day. Although technology and social media are clogged with posts, tweets, and etc. most persons are experiencing an unhealthy solitude today. The face-to-face is becoming much less common as we would rather "text" than talk. As Archbishop Celli expresses in this video, so much of communication is nonverbal. In our gestures and facial expressions we communicate a love and care that just doesn't come through on Facebook and Twitter. While these methods of connecting with one-another are OK, they simply cannot replace human company. Please watch this two minute video and examine your own life, communication methods, and relationships.

Peace to you.